Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: A Review

Every time I see a Dream Bouncy Blush by Maybelline I just want to poke it and watch it bounce back. The consistency and texture of this blush are fascinating. Wanting to test out the bounce, I recently picked up color 30 Candy Coral. This shade a far departure from my delicate pink blushes I love so much, chock full of corally-red pigmentation. I was ready to embrace the change.

If you poke too hard it won't bounce back. Oops.

I applied this blush with my fingers and achieved a nice satin finish. The consistency of the blush is best described as Maybelline states, "feels lightweight like a powder, yet melts into the skin like a cream".

1 swipe, 2 swipes

I went to class, happy as could be, sporting my new blush; only to witness that by 3 hours later the blush had completely disappeared. There was not a trace of that vibrant coral blush on any part of my face. I was simply shocked at the disappearing act. I have bought plenty of high and low-end blushes before, and nothing has ever compared to this. 

I gave the blush another go-around, this time using my beauty blender for application. The finish was once again satin, and once again the blush had vanished off my face in record time.

Verdict: Save your money, y’all. The concept is great as is the foam-like consistency, but it has absolutely no staying power despite the initial strong pigmentation. I noticed it was completely gone after 3 hours and I can only image it was at least halfway gone after an hour. I don’t have time to apply blush every hour and I assume you don’t either.

Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush retails for $7.99 and is available at drugstores, mass retailers, and online.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

LUSH Buffy Body Butter: A Review

LUSH is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in the mood to impulse buy. I recently wandered in the LUSH store at Union Square after class one day looking for something new. Spring has arrived in NYC and the lure of a new exfoliator was too tempting. It is about that time for legs to come out of hibernation and expose themselves in flouncy dresses and frilly shorts.

I picked up a body butter in Buffy, one of their top selling products. Buffy (known as “The Backside Slayer”) is a solid square of cocoa butter, shea butter, ground rice, almonds, and aduki beans. It claims to be an intensive exfoliator as well as a moisturizer – touting no need for a post-shower moisturizer. For someone with notoriously dry skin, I was ready to take on the challenge.

7 oz Buffy Body Butter

The body butter does not take the place of soap, acting more as a treatment. After using your regular soap, massage Buffy on wet skin, concentrating on extras that need extra care. Use your hands to continue to massage the bits and pieces of the bar left on your skin. Pat your skin dry; make sure not to rub with a towel and rub off the leftover moisturizer.

I have fairly sensitive skin and I found Buffy to be the most abrasive exfoliator I have used. After my shower I found a few red marks left on my legs, though they faded within 30 minutes. Amazingly enough, I did not have to use an additional moisturizer after my shower. Buffy left a rich, moisturizing layer on my skin that kept me comfortable all day.

I see Buffy as a vital product in the cooler months, but I worry that in warmer climates the moisturizing layer may be too heavy. It is a bit greasy, and it takes hours to sink in completely. However, because of this, it makes an excellent moisturizer.

I have used this bar twice and I noticed the shea and cocoa butters are depleted more quickly than the exfoliators. This may result in the bar becoming more harsh of an exfoliator as I reach the end. It has been suggested to cut Buffy into smaller pieces in order to prevent this.

7 oz bar after two uses

Verdict: This product is in fact a true multi-tasker, fulfilling its claims to both exfoliate and deeply moisturize. I do not have to use a moisturizer after my shower, which is efficient for those strapped for time. It is perfect for cooler months, yet I fear it may be too heavy for warmer climates. I may repurchase Buffy in the winter months, but when I finish my current bar I will not immediately repurchase.

The product comes in two sizes: 3.3 oz and 7.0 oz at $11.95 and $22.95, respectively. It may not be the cheapest Lush product, but it delivers on its claims. Trust me, there won't be a flake of dry skin left on your body.