Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush: A Review

Every time I see a Dream Bouncy Blush by Maybelline I just want to poke it and watch it bounce back. The consistency and texture of this blush are fascinating. Wanting to test out the bounce, I recently picked up color 30 Candy Coral. This shade a far departure from my delicate pink blushes I love so much, chock full of corally-red pigmentation. I was ready to embrace the change.

If you poke too hard it won't bounce back. Oops.

I applied this blush with my fingers and achieved a nice satin finish. The consistency of the blush is best described as Maybelline states, "feels lightweight like a powder, yet melts into the skin like a cream".

1 swipe, 2 swipes

I went to class, happy as could be, sporting my new blush; only to witness that by 3 hours later the blush had completely disappeared. There was not a trace of that vibrant coral blush on any part of my face. I was simply shocked at the disappearing act. I have bought plenty of high and low-end blushes before, and nothing has ever compared to this. 

I gave the blush another go-around, this time using my beauty blender for application. The finish was once again satin, and once again the blush had vanished off my face in record time.

Verdict: Save your money, y’all. The concept is great as is the foam-like consistency, but it has absolutely no staying power despite the initial strong pigmentation. I noticed it was completely gone after 3 hours and I can only image it was at least halfway gone after an hour. I don’t have time to apply blush every hour and I assume you don’t either.

Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush retails for $7.99 and is available at drugstores, mass retailers, and online.

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